Sunspace is a term describing a space that exists before a new bud appears on a branch. It is an invisible pocket of energy drawing a new bud forth, from its quiet slumber and towards the sun. The bud does not appear randomly, but only where a sunspace precedes it.

Sunspace Cafe hopes to nurture a sense of this space from which new beginnings manifest.

A little bit about Sunspace

Aside from serving fresh organic whoefood cooking, we like providing opportunities for people to learn and connect with their own creativity through the products we carry, and the workshops and events we host. We believe that inspiration ignites creativity, and creativity brings movement. When there is movement, it may become a catalyst for change, healing and growth.

Our little Eco Shop

In the Sunspace eco shop, you will find products from near and afar. We hope our carefully selected products will bring a little extra joy to people, big and small, in their everyday living.

‘Mottainai’ and sustainable practices

‘Mottainai’ is a Japanese word which means ‘it’s a shame to waste.’ With the spirit of ‘mottainai,’ we try to minimize our waste. We compost all our food scraps, which in turn becomes beautiful soil to nourish our garden. We use earth-friendly cleaning products and take-away containers. Instead of microwaves, we use an oven – slower but safer.  We freshly mill grains to make flour that is used for baking and cooking and we soak to activate legumes, nuts and grains. We also ferment seasonal harvests. We advocate eating seasonally with what’s grown locally and organically as much as possible.

Part of the Sunspace Journey

The original idea of Sunspace started in Brisbane and evolved into the idea of opening a collaborative, eco and family friendly cafe in Tokyo. We also wanted a retail space, featuring beautiful Australian made eco-products, and a space for Arts & Craft workshops, Art therapy, and complementary healing modalities.

A couple years later we were living in Tokyo and found the perfect location, with a few extra rooms for Art Therapy, massage, and a small garden big enough for some garden beds, and space for children to play.

Then, upon signing our intention to lease, Japan was struck by a devastating earthquake, tidal wave, and nuclear fall out.

These events brought us back to Australia to Byron Bay, and eventually here to the Sunshine Coast.

Our venue is 10 times bigger than we envisioned, and has come with many unexpected challenges and rewards.

Now, Sunspace is an eco-friendly, organic, and community friendly hub where people meet, exchange ideas, make plans, or simply catch up and pass the time together. It’s also a place of markets, workshops, events, and music.


Many of our staff our visitors to Australia. We have hosted travellors from all over the globe, of all ages and background, from Australia and New Zealand, to Argentina and French Guyana, Europe and Asia. We have enjoyed creating a space for this exchange, sharing local culture through the cafe, providing wholesome organic food, and welcoming contributions from their backgrounds. Many of them have taken on an appreciation of organic food and have found new paths on their journey after Sunspace. 

In essence we created what we set out to create, with a few variations on size, location, and best layed plans. We’re still evolving and who knows what shape, form, or location, Sunspace will take from here. 

Stay tuned for a Sunspace Blog, a page of gratitude, and an online eco-shop for everyday eco-products.